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Since toenail fungus can cause great discomfort and pain, it is indeed important to treat it immediately. However, finding the right treatment can be very confusing. With all the treatments available, from oral medications to home remedies, choosing the effective way to cure toenail fungus would be a hard work.

This site aims to ease your burden and help you in choosing which treatment really works or which actually have negative side effects and do more harm than cure.

We will be providing you with treatment reviews and recommendations to make your decision making an easy task.

Toenail fungus is a common disorder and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Just read on and be guided accordingly.


Who would not love to wear peep toe shoes? What about open sandals? Flip flops and stilettos? Or sometimes, just walking with bare foot?

Everybody wants to be as fashionable as one can possibly be, even those who do not want to expose their unsightly toes as they are suffering from toenail fungus. This unwanted fungus makes the toenails change in color, become flaky and produce foul odor. Please take note that should toenail fungus be left untreated, the disorder may spread to other toes as well. The embarrassment, physical discomfort and pain caused by toenail fungus require immediate attention and necessary treatment.

This site aims to enumerate all treatments available in the market today such as oral prescriptions, home prepared remedies, laser method and natural treatments together with our intensive reviews and recommendations. Reviews included on this site intend to inform and educate consumers on all options offered by different treatments so they can make a wise decision and have their nails cured on the fastest possible way.

Everybody is welcome on this site and please feel free to browse on all treatment reviews. Furthermore, consumers and users are also invited to send in their comments and experiences on toenail fungus treatment and results.

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NonyX Nail Gel Review Rating: ★★★☆☆

NonyX Nail Gel

Rating: 61/100Fungal attack is the most common condition that people experience when it comes to their toenails. The primary sign of this condition is actually seeing yellow, discolored toenails. Fungi causes the keratin to beremoved from the nails. As a result of this, discolored and cracked nail will form on the toes. This will cause the nail to be detached from the nail bed.

One product, NonyX nail gel is a revolutionary product that promises to solve fungal attack on the toenails. This product is brought to you by Xenna Corporation to help solve any problems in this department. If you are starting to feel ashamed of your feet, here is the solution that you need. This primarily removes the buildup of keratin on the toenails which can restore the normal condition of the nails.

NonyX nail gel is formulated with natural ingredients. It is made up of de-ionized water, xantha gum, ethanoic acid and fragrance. This is safe to be use on the skin. Even diabetics do not have to be alarmed when they apply this product on their feet.


Very affordable product, sold for only $24.99 for a bottle
Diabetic – friendly and safe, recommended by podiatrists
Made with all-natural ingredients that are proven safe
One bottle lasts for 3 to 4 months
Available in leading stores


Only works to remove keratin debris on the nails
Contains eye irritants so must be used carefully
May take a couple of months before it actually works
Provides a money-back guarantee but does not specify the exact time frame

The active ingredient found in this product is actually ethanoic acid. Nonyx nail gel contrains 9.75% ethanoic in its formulation which is responsible for restoring your nails’ appearance. Once the gel is applied on the nails, the keratin debris are broken down and exfoliated. With continued application of the product the more debris will be removed. It will take around 7 to 12 weeks before the debris are completely removed.

The recommended application of NonyX nail gel is about 1 to 2 drops on the nail surface and under the nail tops. This must be applied after taking a bath. After a few weeks of application, you will notice that keratin debris will be removed easily. Start to scrape the debris away to hasten the healing of the fungal infection. Continue the application of the gel until the keratin debris are completely removed.