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One fungus treatment that differs from the other regular anti-fungal treatments is the Saprox Natural Treatment Fungal Skin Infections. Instead of being a cream or ointment that you apply twice a day on your nails and other affected areas, the Saprox Natural Treatment is made entirely from clay which you can use for any amount of time depending on the symptoms that you are experiencing.

This approach is very different from other treatments as it does not rely on artificial chemicals or natural ingredients like plant extracts which have proven anti-fungal fungal effects. Instead, it uses lake bottom mud and water that has sulphur, humic acids, essential oils, minerals and other organic substances that have an effect on eliminating fungal infections. This is the result of the slow decomposition of aquatic plants and herbs without the presence of oxygen over thousands of years. These all help in creating an environment that is harmful for fungi but will help in the healing process of infections.

The use of mud is somewhat messy as compared to the other regular anti-fungal treatments. This makes it much harder to use especially when you want to use it before going out. You will have to leave it on your hands for extended periods of time to make sure that you obtain its maximum healing effects. For this reason, you cannot use it before going to work each day as it looks bad on your hands and it may also stain your clothes. The best time to use this is at night upon coming home but this may also limit the things that you will do as there will be mud present on your hands.

The good thing about this product is that it can be used for all types of fungal infections and not just for toenail infections. You can use it for athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm and many more. It is an all around treatment so you won’t have to buy separate products for each type of fungal infection. Due to its all natural ingredients, you should have no problems with it irritating or causing problems on your skin as well.


  • It can be used for all types of fungal infections
  • Is safe to use on the skin as it is made from all natural ingredients
  • It has received good user testimonials overall


  • Hard to use, messy and takes a long time to work
  • Very expensive compared to other fungal treatments

A fungal infection is not a very severe problem at its early stages, thus you won’t have to go and seek a doctor as soon as you see a fungal infection starting to grow on your toes or any other part of your body. The usual treatment for such problems is the use of toenail fungus treatments. These are usually applied on the skin for several weeks to months until the fungi dies out and your nails are able to regenerate thus returning your nails to its normal appearance.

An example of a toenail fungus treatment is Fungi Cure. This product claims to eliminate fungal infections on the nails of the fingers and toes. This can cure specific infections such as ringworm or athlete’s foot. In addition to this, it also helps soothe the symptoms that accompany a fungal infection such as itchiness, cracking, burning, irritation and other discomforts.

The main ingredient of Fungi Cure is Undecylenic acid, a proven substance that is used for fighting a variety of skin infections and relieves the symptoms that comes along with it. Its main mode of action is killing fungi so that they can be eliminated as soon as possible from your body. This way, you will only have to wait for your nails to grow back so that it can return to its normal looking appearance.

One problem with Fungi Cure is that it usually works for more common fungal infections thus you may not be able to treat the other types of fungal infections. It is only limited to athlete’s foot or ringworms. You may have to use a different anti-fungal product for the other types of infections. Also, it may also have a strong odor that may not be appealing for a lot of people.

Other than these, you should have no problems using this product. It is fairly easy to use and it dries quickly on the skin and nails which makes it more comfortable to use. A lot of people have also claimed that it worked for them and was able to get rid of their infection as long as they followed the directions on the label.


•         Can effectively treat common fungal infections on the nails such as ringworms or athlete’s foot

•         Easy to use, dries easily

•         Makes use of a proven ingredient that can kill fungi


•         Has a strong odor

•         May not be able to treat infections that are not very common


Almost all antifungal treatments come as topical creams or ointments that you will need to apply on the surface of the skin and nails. The Aztec Natural Antifungal Foot Soak on the other hand, is not applied on the skin. Rather,  the whole foot is immersed in the solution. For this reason, it claims to be better than almost all other antifungal treatments as it can get rid of the most stubborn infections that others cannot solve. It claims to do this by absorbing the fungus, raising the pH of the environment aside from having other antifungal effects.

First of all, its use as a foot soak means that it can reach almost all parts of the skin – even under the nails. This makes it a good product especially for fungal infections that are hard to reach. It makes use of Zea mays, ginger and an organic ingredient that can raise the pH of water. Zea mays or corn is not a well known substance that can fight against fungal infections but it is included in the formulation of Aztec and it may have some effects against fungi. Ginger on the other hand, is a much more well known and potent antifungal. Immersing the fungi in ginger extract can reduce and prevent the growth of fungi. Lastly, increasing the pH of the environment of fungi can also inhibit their growth. This is because fungi thrive on an acidic environment. Converting their environment to an alkaline one will cause them to become weaker, thus they can be better eliminated by the body.

With the ingredients of Aztec, you are sure that it has great antifungal effects especially with ginger and its ability to increase the skin’s pH. Aside from this, as a foot soak, it can also effectively reach other areas of the skin where normal topical antifungals cannot reach. One problem with Aztec is that being a foot soak, it is also much harder to prepare and use every day, unlike topical treatments which will only take a few minutes. With regards to comparing its price to other toenail fungus treatments, it also costs a lot more than the usual antifungal ointment. Overall, the Aztec Natural Antifungal Foot Soak is a good treatment to use for stubborn and hard to reach fungi. However, for infections that are only superficial and mild, the regular antifungal ointment may be a better option.


  • Can effectively get rid of fungal infections – even those under the nails
  • Makes use of natural ingredients ensuring that it is safe to use even for diabetics


  • Takes longer to prepare and use
  • Costs a lot more than your regular antifungal treatment