Fung-Off Nail Conditioner Review


Fung-Off Nail Conditioner Review Rating: ★★★☆☆

AntiNailFungus-Rx Cream

Rating: 71/100It is very embarrassing to show off a hand with dry, ugly and dirty nails. Since the nails are very prone to any fungal attack, it is best to keep these safe all the time. Here is the product that will help condition nails and prevent it from being damaged by any fungal infection. The Fung-Off Nail Conditioner has been formulated especially to improve the condition of the nails to make it clean and grown healthy.

The main ingredient in this product is thymol which can actually treat fungi and bacteria on the nails. As soon as applied on the nails, thymol immediately attacks on the infections on the nails. Nails are safe from harm and are restored to its healthy condition already.

Ethyl Acetate is an effective ingredient which can remove nail fungus on the nails. This ingredient is usually used on nail polish remover to keep the nails clean. In the same manner, this can clean the nails when applied on bare nails.
DL Alphatocopherol Acetate or vitamin E acetate is an important ingredient added to the formulation. In most cosmetic products, it is added as an antioxidant which protects the skin from any damage by the free radicals. At the same time, it is able to regulate and control the growth of nails. As vitamin E is supplied on the nails, it ensures that nails grow healthy and strong.


Very wide application and can be used for natural, unpolished and even acrylic nails
An affordable product which costs $7.95 for 1.5 mL bottle
Easily applied on the nails, leaving no residue
Includes applicator which can reach even corners of the nails


Website contains limited information about the product
Lack of pictures and scientific data to support the product


Fung-off Nail conditioner is easily applied on the nails. It does not leave any residue since the evaporation rate is fast. As soon as you apply this on your nails, it will penetrate the skin and the excess liquid will be evaporated.

Application of this product should be done twice a day. It comes with an applicator for a more convenient way of applying this product. Even if the infected area is found under the nails, the brush will help in spreading the liquid in that area.

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