Keractil Review


Keractil Review Rating: ★★★☆☆

Rating: 74/100

The Keractil nai fungus treatment claims to be a safe way to treat fungal infections in the nails and toes as it has no harmful side effects such as damage caused to the liver or bone marrow. The continued use of Keractil is said to give you stronger and healthier nails without any traces of the fungal infection. As your nail grows, it will return to its normal state and the fungi will eventually be eliminated. Any thickening or discoloration of the nails will disappear and any damage incurred by the nail will also be reversed.

Some of the ingredients used in Keractil are de-mineralized water, hydrogen peroxide, methylparaben, proplyparaben and carbopol. All of these ingredients are completely safe to use on the skin and will definitely not cause any side effects. One claim that Keractil makes is that it says that it will not cause any liver or bone marrow damage. Keractil, like all topical treatments, is indeed unlikely to cause liver damage as it does not enter the body as much as oral drugs. Topical treatments will of course be a lot safer and not cause much damage inside the body. This applies for all topical treatments and not just Keractil alone. But aside from being a safe treatment to use, Keractil does not seem to have any excellent ingredients that can fight against fungal infections. Its strongest agent may be methylparaben in eliminating fungi but this is not very well known. Aside from this, the other ingredients may only have very little or not anti-fungal effects at all. Because of this, not many are willing to recommend this as a nail fungus treatment.

Using Keractil is similar to all other nail fungus treatments wherein you will need to apply a small amount on the nail bed and under the nails. This allows it to penetrate the hard to reach places of the nail and to target where the nail grows. This way, it ensures that new nail will be free from fungi as well. Its has very few user testimonials but most testimonials have good things to say about this product. Its price of $14.95 may be a bit expensive for some especially if it does not give very good results.


•         Completely safe to use on the skin

•         Easy to use and apply on the nails


•         Does not have very good anti-fungal ingredients

•         Not recommended by experts

May be a bit expensive especially if it does not have very good effects


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