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Krystal Clean Nail Solution Review [rating:3

Rating: 74/100

Krystal Clean Nail Solution Nail Solution claims to be the first nail solution that makes use of the healing properties of aloe that can kill both fungal and bacterial growth on the nails. It is a non-prescription, over the counter treatment for especially hard to reach infected areas. It also claims to be safe to use on the skin as it does not contain any harsh acids, oils or alcohols. It is also easier to use than most nail creams as you won’t even have to remove nail polish or acrylics before applying this treatment.

The main ingredient of Krystal Clean Nail Solution that works as a broad spectrum antimicrobial is benzalkonium chloride. This chemical is a proven substance that is used in a lot of disinfectant formulas that can eliminate all kinds of microorganisms. It is also proven safe to use as it can be seen in common household items such as hygienic towelettes, cosmetics and hand sanitizers, but it is also strong enough to be used in hard surface disinfectants. Aside from this, it also boasts of making use of aloe that has proven healing and conditioning properties.

Some of its claims include treating fungi – even those found under the nails – without having to remove the nail. This is a bit hard to believe as creams will not be able to penetrate the hard substance of the nails and reach the underside of the nails. You would usually have to remove the nail in order to reach this area. It would also take around two months to remove fungal infections on the hands while it takes five months for the toes. This might be a bit too long for some people who can see the results within 3 months when using other treatments.

What makes this better than others is that you won’t need to remove nail polish when treating fungal infections on the surface. This makes it so much easier to use since you apply it twice a day. Also, it is able to treat 99.9% of fungi, bacteria and viruses so you are sure that it will eventually be able to eliminate any type of infection on the nails.


•         Can eliminate 99.9% of all types of microorganisms

•         Proven to be safe to use on the skin and will not cause allergies as it does not have any harsh chemicals

•         Easy to use as you won’t have to remove nail polish or acrylics when using this cream


•         Takes a bit longer to work than other nail creams

•         Has very little customer testimonials that can back up its effectiveness


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