Purnail Nail Fungus Treatment Review


Purnail Nail Fungus Treatment Review Rating: ★★★☆☆

Rating: 70/100

Like most of the nail fungus treatments being sold in stores, Purnail is also a non-prescription treatment for eliminating fungal infections. It can be used to treat both the fingers and toes as it penetrates deep into the skin and nails to eliminate fungi even in hard to reach places. Instead of being just a treatment, Purnail claims to be a system that can treat the infection from inside out.

The main ingredient used by Purnail to get rid of fungal infections is undecylenic acid. This is a proven antifungal that has been used in a lot of other nail fungus treatments and is derived from castor oil. It is a fungicide that directly kills any fungi that it comes in contact with. It can treat various fungal infections ranging from athlete’s foot to ringworms and of course, nail fungi infections. A natural antifungal that is also included in Purnail is tea tree oil. This can be used alone to treat fungal infections but when combined with the effect of undecylenic acid, the effects of both of these ingredients become even more powerful. Lastly, it also has sunflower seed oil which does not have any antifungal effects but contains various vitamins and fatty acids that can be used by the skin to regenerate itself together with the nail that has been damaged by the infection. This can help your skin and nail return to normal form faster, while also moisturizing them to make them look better.

With two proven ingredients in eliminating fungal infections, Purnail is definitely a good nail fungus treatment to use. Compared to other treatments that only make use of one ingredient, this is definitely a better option. You will surely be able to eliminate most types of fungal infections as long as you treat them early enough. In addition to these antifungals, it also has sunflower seed extracts which helps in skin and nail regeneration. It claims to work within 3-6 months which is a realistic time frame as fungal infections would really take a long time to be eliminated from the body. The only problem with this treatment may be its price as it is more expensive than most of the other fungal treatments at $59.95.


•         Contains proven ingredients such as undecylenic acid and tea tree oil in eliminating fungal infections

•         Also contains sunflower seed extract which will help improve the condition of the skin and nail faster


•         Very expensive compared to other nail treatments

•         Will take some time before the infection will be completely removed from the body



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