Sporanox Review


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Not all antifungal treatments come as ointments or creams. One such product that is not applied topically but instead, taken orally is Sporanox. Such medications are made for fungal infections that have already become worse and need more specialized medications in order to treat the infection.

Sporanox is a brand name for the antifungal agent, Itraconazole. Being an azole antifungal, it works by inhibiting the cytochrome P-450 oxidase mediated synthesis of ergosterol. This allows it to prevent the growth of fungi as it leads to the breakdown of the cell wall of fungi and eventually leading them to be eliminated by the body’s own defense mechanism. Comparing its action to other antifungals, Itraconazole has a much broader spectrum of activity than Fluconazole. It is especially effective against the fungi Aspergillus. Aside from this, it can also help get rid of blastomycosis, onchomycosis and histoplasmosis. Candidiasis and cryptococcosis are also some of the other infections that it can treat.

With all of the different fungi that it can eliminate, Itraconazole or Sporanox seems like a good antifungal treatment to use for infections that have already become worse and have systemic effects on the body. One problem that is usually encountered with oral antifungals is that it can have a lot of side effects on the body as compared to topical drugs. Some of its effects include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, itching and loss of appetite. It can even cause some severe allergic reactions which would require immediate medical attention if ever you are allergic to it. For these reasons, you will usually need the prescription of a doctor if ever you want to use a strong drug like Sporanox. You should also be careful to discuss with your doctor other medications that you are currently taking as this can cause some drug interactions with specific drugs.

Overall, Sporanox is a good antifungal treatment to use if you are dealing with a moderate to severe fungal infection. It has a broad range of activity which gives you a great chance of eliminating many types of fungi. Just remember that it can have a lot of side effects and can cause drug reactions that may be harmful to the body. Take the necessary precautions first when using this drug, and make sure that you stick to its dosing schedule so that you can get rid of an infection as soon as possible.


•         Has a broad range of action

•         Easy to use as it is taken orally

•         Is a proven antifungal


•         Can have a lot of side effects

•         Not a first line drug for mild cases of fungal infections

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