SuperNail Fungi-Cide Review


SuperNail Fungi-Cide Review Rating: ★★★½☆

SuperNail Fungi-Cide Review Rating: 79/100 Here comes a cheap yet effective treatment for fungal attack on nails. Made especially for common toenail infections, this product can effectively eliminate this. Topical infections usually cause scaling, cracking and burning of the skin. You may need to use this product if you are looking for the solution to stop the itching and the irritation caused by the fungi.

Common fungus that occur on the toes are the tinea pedis and the tinea corpus. These conditions are more commonly known as athlete’s foot and ringworm, respectively. Though there may be a couple of treatments that claim to eliminate these from the infected area, Supernail FungiCide is the most effective choice.

Tolnaftate is the main active ingredient in this product which is responsible for removing the fungi on the toes. It works very fast to stop the burning sensation as well as the itching associated with the fungi. SuperNail FungiCide becomes an effective treatment because it immediately penetrates the skin upon application. It instantly does its work on the infected area. In line with this, the ingredient Benzocaine also helps relieve the discomforts felt by the person.

It also contains aloe and vitamin E to restore your skin’s condition. It can guarantee that your skin will remain healthy when you use Supernail FungiCide. Keratin and skin cells are easily regenerated when this is applied. Not only does it get rid of the fungi on the skin but it also ensures that the skin grows back healthier and softer.

Application should be done in a daily basis, at least twice per day. It is very important that the affected area is cleansed with water and soap. Once it has been dried, the Supernail FungiCide must be applied on it. A thin layer is already enough to heal the feet from any fungal attack.


  • Available for only $ 6.95 per bottle
  • Contains scientific all-proven ingredients that will help relieve from any discomfort
  • Has a hassle-free brush applicator which reaches certain areas of the feet easily
  • Almost works instantly as the skin is able to absorb the treatment fast


  • No money-back guarantee for the product
  • There is no specific time frame at which the product will start to work
  • Not much information is provided online


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